First of all we’d like to being treated with respect , both of us!
We are really married couple, so we do not accept the single bookings, because we are always together !
If you looking for a single woman this isn’t the right website for you!
We respect people, so please respect us as persons too.
Please be serious, and 100 % sure when you make an appointment!
We won’t be answering calls from hidden and/or stationary numbers, so please use your mobile phones!
If we are late, we will let you know,please do the same !
If we need to cancel an appointment ,we will let you know in advance,please do the same!
Please,NO DRUGS!!!!
Something very important for us is hygiene,so please take a nice ,and long shower,before we come at your room,and allow us time to take a shower too, when we are there.
We always keep ourselves clean and smelling good for our dates!
Please be respectful of our time .
We are not a particularly clock-watchers ,but you should be .
Maybe we have some other things to do when your appointment is over.